Best Hybrid Table Saw Review – Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch

If you want to find the best hybrid table saw on the market, you're going to have to do a bit of research. Purchasing a hybrid table saw is quite an investment, so you'll want to be well-informed before you make the commitment. The W1819 3 HP 10-inch Table saw is an intricately designed hybrid saw by Fox Shop and is among the best hybrid table saws available. Because it consists of so many parts, the best way to assess this saw is exploring each of its main elements individually. But first, here's an overall description of the saw.

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife: Overview

Weighing in at 527 pounds, this 10-inch hybrid table saw functions through 3-horse-power for 29-1/2-inches rip capacity. With its cast iron trunnions, a 3 HP motor, and triple bell drive, the W1819 is designed for both power and durability.

The quick release riving knife adds to the efficiency of the saw, and safety features such as a blade guard and anti-kickback pawls will protect you during your work. This saw is powerful and complex, so if you're a beginner, you might want to factor in a learning curve with its use.

This isn't because the saw isn't user friendly; it's more a result of the saw's capacity and sheer size. Let's take a look at its wide reaching features and custom design.


The foundation of the W1819 includes a precision ground and polished cast iron table with wings, "massive" cast iron trunnions, and a riving knife. Powered by its 3 HP Leeson motor, the wide-span, easy-glide T-fence system harbors positive camlock along with phenolic face and smooth gliding nylon. Fox Shop combines triple belt drive with anodized fence extension and flip stop, along with an adjustable T-slot miter gauge and a magnetic switch with thermal overload protection.

Miter Fence

The W1819's miter fence provides more workpiece support than an ordinary miter gauge by itself, giving the saw the stability and capability to design longer pieces. Use the flip stop to make several even cuts with the same width. Move the flip stop out of the way when dealing with a long piece and flip it back for additional cuts widthwise. Use the W1819's versatile blade tilt for uncompromised precision by tilting the blade left up to 45 degrees using the blade tilt handwheel to find your desired angle. The riving knife resembles the W1819's blade guard assembly spreader with its metal plate that prevents kickback if the back of the workpiece becomes pinched in the blade.

Safety Features

Such a powerful saw requires some equally powerful protection, and Fox Shop does not disappoint. Safety features begin with a blade guard assembly with a clear polycarbonate shield, protective yet translucent enough to for the operator to see the blade.

The guard will lift as the blade comes into contact with the workpiece, remaining on the surface of the piece throughout the duration of the cut. Another safety feature is the metal plate spreader the protects a newly cut kerf of the workpiece from interfering with the rear of the blade, preventing kickback. For when kickback occurs, the spreader's anti-kickback pawls force the workpiece to travel in a single direction. If the workpiece moves backward from a kickback, the pawls will descend onto the workpiece to slow or slow it.


Be prepared to deal with assembly, and if you're a beginner, make sure to go through slowly in order to assure everything is in its right place. Keep in mind that this is a big saw, so take the time to consider transportation and movement. Some customers have expressed difficulty elevating the blade and others have reported significant vibrations because of the traditional belts.

You should confirm the fence's adhesive measuring tape with your own measuring tape before making any significant cuts, or buy a replacement adhesive tape if you see fit. When in the midst of your workpiece be cautious of the power switch as you may shut the saw off by accident with your leg while working. Connecting a vacuum such as Shop-Vac to the dust port is recommended in order to prevent build-up on the underside of the table.


The W1819 table saw is truly one of the best hybrid table saws currently on the market. It's heavyweight, sturdy, and efficient. Shop Fox's innovative technology produces reliable and high quality results. Its complex mechanisms are designed to help you succeed in completing your masterpiece. While it certainly has a lot to offer, it doesn't come cheap. However, most customers agree that it is well worth the investment, especially considering its durability.

The pros of the W1819 seem to vastly outweigh its few cons, but you should definitely take the negative feedback into consideration before making your purchase. Are you looking for a light weight and easy crank? If so, this saw might be too sturdy for you. Are you looking for quick assembly? While the W1819 doesn't have a complicated assembly process, it does have a lot of parts. But if you're looking for a long lasting, powerful hybrid table saw, then you should definitely consider the W1819. Fox Shop has truly succeeded in creating one of the best saws available

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